Jungle Carpet

A few seasons ago we produced a clutch of Jungle Carpet's from one of our females over one of our Krauss males, over time we sold all of the hatchling from this clutch including our hold backs. A pair of these Jungles ended up with a close friend and I recently got the chance to take a look at them, here is an update picture of themale he has. Some nice yellow is coming through on this boy.

Photo courtesy of: Kurt C

Exciting times

Exciting times ahead - our first clutch of pythons for the season are due to hatch very shortly. It is a very late season for us, with snakes still yet to lay, so the arrival of these hatchies will be a welcome site. As you can see the no substrate method is my preferred choice for incubating python eggs.

These hatchies will be listed available once shed and feeding.


Season Update

Well, it's been an alright kick off to the season with already a few egg's cooking in the incubator and what looks like more on the way(hopefully!). Only time will tell exactly what we will have available this season but be sure to keep an eye out on the blog and at the NSW expo's for us. Hopefully we will have some stunning reptiles available at this years expo's, thats if they aren't already sold before hand! Be sure to keep dropping by.


Coastal Carpet - Male Holdback

Here are some comparison photo's of my male Coastal hold back from this season. This young boy is pictured earlier in my blog. As you can see he was a nice orange colour as a hatchie and has changed dramatically. This occurred literally over night. I think he is much more spectacular now then he was before hand. Only time will tell how he turns out. I am looking forward to pairing him up in the future.




Season update

Well, its that time of year again. The snakes are paired and cycled while the lizards are cooled, all in preparation for the up coming 08/09 hatchling season. The breeding season started off with a major disappointment last month, when I introduced the pair of striped Maccies pictured earlier in the blog and noticed that something "wasn't quiet right". After watching what supposedly was the female attempt to mate the male, I decided to probe the snakes for some piece of mind. Upon probing it became obvious that this pair of Maccies I was so anxiously waiting to pair turned out to both be MALES. A major let down. Soon after this I decided to pair a few of my snakes. One particular female started to show signs of being very keen for breeding, wriggling her tail and scent marking the enclosure as soon as the male was introduced to the enclosure. As well as this female, almost every other set of snakes paired are showing signs of mating. I am very anxious to see how this season turns out. I will update the blog with more info further down the track, particularly if any snakes become gravid.


Frog + Reptile expo pictures

KLassic Reptiles spent all 3 days at the 2008 Frog + Reptile expo with a vendors table in the main pavilion. The expo was HUGE success with all 3 days being really productive. Friday was probably the slowest day in terms of people at the expo, where as Saturday and Sunday where equally as packed! KLassic Reptiles will definitely be attending this expo every year from now on! I would like to thank everyone who helped put the show on as it was an all out awesome 3 day weekend. Also, congratulations to the people who's animals won the best in show. Here are a few photo's of KLassic Reptiles table at the expo.

KLassic Reptiles

2008 Australian Frog + Reptile expo!

The 2008 Australian Frog and Reptile is coming up this weekend and it is going to be big! KLassic Reptiles will be at the expo, and we will have our last remaining animals available at the expo! Be sure to bring your licenses and money as there will be quiet a variety or animals available over the mega 3 day expo, aswell as live reptile displays, educational displays and a huge variety of captive bred Reptiles in the best in show competition!

We hope to see you on the day, and don't be shy to come up and say hi!

KLassic Reptiles

Children's Pythons

If you are like me and like the smaller snakes species of python aswell as the larger one's, you will love Children's Pythons just as much as I do. Here is a pic of one of my pair's of Children's pythons or "childreni" as they are known. Hopefully this particular pair will breed next season.

2008 Mac Herps expo

KLassic Reptiles had a table today at the Mac herps expo in Minto. It was a good day, and I congratulate everyone who was their working today for their efforts, it was a well planned out and executed day. I also had a young male BHP take out the 2008 reptile show junior section which I am quiet proud of. I must congratulate Brett Callanghan on breeding this particular animal.

The 2008 Frog and Reptile expo is coming up soon at Castlehill show grounds, and KLassic Reptiles may have a table displaying animals there. So if you are going to be at the expo be sure to keep a look out for KLassic Reptiles!

Thanks to everyone who participated today at the expo.

KLassic Reptiles

Jungle carpets

Jungle carpet python's are one of the main species kept in my collection. Here are just a few of them.

Thick tailed geckos

Some Thick tailed gecko's in my collection.

2008 SOFAR reptile expo

KLassic Reptiles had a booth at the 2008 SOFAR reptile expo. It was a very productive day, with several sale's being made. I had made up a fair few "card" type pieces of paper with my contact details, all of which had disappeared by the middle of the day - I hope this is a good sign.

KLassic Reptiles will also be attending the 2008 Macarthur Herp society reptile show, with a table selling and displaying animals. There may also be some of our animals in the expo competition itself.

Here are some photo's taken during the day, of the KLassic Reptiles stall.

KLassic Reptiles


Here are some photo's of some small varanidae in my collection.

A juvenile Ridge-tailed monitor, Varanus acanthurus.

A few shots of some young Pygmy mulga monitors, Varanus gilleni.


Striped Spotted pythons

Here are some photo's of some striped spotted pythons in my collection.


Hatchling Coastal carpet pythons (Morelia spilota mcdowelli)

I thought I would throw up a few photo's of some hatchlings coastal carpets I produced this season. These snakes are all feeding, and their
siblings are currently for sale. E-mail klassicreptiles@hotmail.com for further info and prices.

(Top) This young male is an exception to all the other hatchlings. He hatched with a full stripe and improves with every shed.

(Middle) This young girl now belongs to a friend of mine. She is a very very dark hatchling. I am looking forward to see how she turns out as an adult.

(Bottom) The little girl in the last picture is full sister to the black female in the photo above. This is one I am keeping for the time being to see how she turns out.


Kane Leclere - KLassic Reptiles

Young male Carpet pythons (M. spilota sub sp.)

Hi, welcome to my first post on my KLassic Reptiles blog. I hope you enjoy the images & information I post on here. i have just added 2 "teaser" images to show of whats to come on this blog.
(Left) A young male Proserpine local Coastal carpet python. This snake has a partial stripe pattern down his body, and his colour improves with every shed.

(Below) A yearling male Jungle carpet python. This beautiful snake has a full stripe down his spine, he is K.Aland linage. He gains more yellow with every shed and can only improve. I am eager to see how this one turns out.